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5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Cervical Cancer and HPV

Dr. Browning explains cervical cancer and HPV, the signs and more.

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Meet the mom-to-be who’s running throughout her pregnancy

Christine Nichols loves the challenge of a long-distance run so much that the 28-year-old mom-to-be isn’t slowing down – even while six and a half months pregnant.


the first baby born after a uterus transplant in the U.S

Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas announces the first baby born in the United States to a mother who received a uterus transplant.

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Could bacteria be the cause of some premature births?

Dr. Browning joins Baylor Scott & White's Scrubbing In Blog to discuss the effects of bacteria in premature births.

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Diagnosing and treating postpartum uterine artery pseudoaneurysm

Dr. Browning discusses a case of uterine artery pseudoaneurysm (UAP), an uncommon cause of postpartum hemorrhage, in a 19-year-old woman 6 weeks after low transverse cesarean delivery with a recurrent heavy vaginal bleeding requiring blood transfusion.  A transvaginal sonogram revealed a UAP.  Embolization of the uterine artery was performed, with resolution of her symptoms. 

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For International Women's Day, Dr. Shepherd is Committed to Offering Women More Options

It's very important for women to take charge of their own health and know exactly what is happening with their bodies. However, many women suffer in silence with uterine fibroids.

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This is what endometriosis pain feels like and how to treat it

Endometriosis has gotten a lot of attention recently, and Dr. Shepherd discusses this with Allure.


Pregnant Women, unborn children vulnerable to flu

Dr. Shepherd joins WFAA to discuss the flu and how it affects pregnant women and unborn children.


Health Tests for Each Decade

Dr. Shepherd joins Good Day to discuss the health tests women should get, depending on her age.

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What is a Hysterectomy?

Dr. Shepherd is an endometriosis specialist and discusses the main ways a hysterectomy can be performed with Women's Health.

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The Internet is Obsessed With This Video About the Painful Truths of Giving Birth

Dr. Shepherd discusses what really happens to a woman's body after giving birth inspired by two moms who created a tell-all video.

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Do's and Don'ts for pregnant women

When is it ok to exercise or dye your hair if you're expecting? Can you drink wine or take pain medication? From the opinions of friends and family to internet searches, there's no shortage of conflicting information out there. Dr. Shepherd helps answer these questions on TODAY. 


Seventeen things every woman needs to know about the parts of her vagina

Dr. Shepherd offers some insight to clear up some of the mystery around the female sexual anatomy. 

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This mom did a full workout while she was in labor

Why it can help - and why you shouldn't feel pressured to do the same.

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IVF and Infertility; Dr. Shepherd discusses the effects of IVF hormones


Dr. Shepherd talks Kandi Burruss' fertility issues

Dr. Shepherd provides further insight into the problems Kandi and Todd are facing in trying to get pregnant. 

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When can you find out the baby's sex during pregnancy? 

In an exclusive interview with Romper, Dr. Browning explains how soon you can find out the sex of your baby.

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Why your second pregnancy might be totally different from your first

When you've already had a baby, you might feel like a seasoned pro during your next pregnancy - what could possibly surprise you? Well, things can be completely different with every pregnancy. 

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Ruptured ectopic pregnancy with a negative urine pregnancy test - Co-written by Adrianne Browning, MD

Ectopic pregnancy is commonly seen as a differential diagnosis of first-trimester vaginal bleeding. Often the diagnosis is made based on a combination of exam findings, transvaginal ultrasound, and a positive pregnancy test. Our case describes a patient with a history of ectopic pregnancy treated with methotrexate and serial human chorionic gonadotropin measurements that were decreasing appropriately. At the time of the evaluation, her urine pregnancy test was negative; however, she was confirmed to have a ruptured tubal ectopic pregnancy. This case highlights the variable presentation of ectopic pregnancies and the importance of combining exam findings with ultrasound and laboratory results.

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Is sitting in a wet bathing suit bad for my health? 

Sitting in a wet bathing suit can be potentially harmful - as it provides a perfect climate for fungus; Dr. Browning explains the effects this can have on your body. 

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Nine reasons the C-section delivery controversy is absolutely ridiculous

Experts, including Dr. Browning and moms who have given birth via C-section, weigh in on the ridiculous notion that having a Cesarean delivery is the "easy way" to have a baby.

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